Natural Pigments for the Feed and Food Industries

Vepinsa is a leading producer and supplier of top-quality pigments, derived from natural sources, to the poultry feed and food industries. With a 40-year tradition of excellence, Vepinsa serves markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. More

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About Us: Vepinsa / Prodemex
What We Do

marigold flowersVepinsa produces, sells, and distributes world-class nature-derived pigments to the feed and food industries.

We specialize in pigments extracted from marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta), for use mainly in the poultry industry.

We market the Prodemex™, Florafil™, and The Beauty of Yellow™ brands, among others, and are actively involved in educating the public on the myriad health benefits that come from eating nature-derived, lutein-enhanced products.

Company History & Highlights

Vepinsa PlantIn the late sixties, a group of entrepreneurs in northern Mexico began to grow marigold flowers. Through a rudimentary process, they extracted the natural pigment and sold it to the animal feed industry. In the early seventies, the company merged with another pigment producer and took on the name Prodemex.

In 1977, a full-fledged extraction plant was built on the premises, and Prodemex grew into one of Mexico's leading producers and suppliers of marigold-based pigments for the poultry industry.

With new, well-equipped laboratories and highly trained technicians, the company recently changed its name to Vepinsa, and now uses the name Prodemex™ as the flagship brand for its world-class pigment products. Vepinsa has evolved into an innovation-oriented company focused on research and development of new and improved products.

Vepinsa PlantVepinsa is strategically located near the northern Mexican city of Los Mochis, along the Pacific Coast in the state of Sinaloa. This is one of the most productive regions in the country, with nearly 600,000 acres of irrigated farmland known as El Fuerte Valley.

Located just 500 miles from the U.S. border, Los Mochis has access to Mexico's most important highways. An international airport – and a seaport – are located within 12 miles from Vepinsa, which also boasts its own railway system.

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Brands Florafil Brand Feed Products The Beauty of Yellow (TM)
The Beauty of Yellow(TM) | Florafil(TM)
The Beauty of Yellow™ Seal informs and educates. It also motivates consumers to purchase quality eggs that have been lutein-enhanced with Florafil™ brand pigment products.
A Win-Win-Win Proposition
For egg producers, suppliers and distributors, The Beauty of Yellow™ is a simple, cost-effective, and lucrative proposition. More